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Martha Graham

Ball Room Dance Training

Ballroom Dance Lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons

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Country Western Dance Lessons

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons for a Magical First Dance! At Steps on Toes we offer Wedding Programs that are custom designed for each wedding couple, to make that dream day even more special.

Swing Dance Lessons

Swing Dance is FUN and we love it! At SOT we teach various Swing Dance variations. Whether you wanna learn Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Shag or West Coats Swing.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Find out how fun and exciting it is to learn Ballroom Dancing. From American Style to Latin Style Ballroom you can learn to master dances such as The Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Merengue, Samba, Tango, Cha Cha and more.

Salsa Dance Lessons

Get your Salsa Dance Lessons at Steps on Toes! Being one of the most popular Social Dances out there, Salsa is fun to learn, but most important, fun to dance to.

Cajun and Zydeco Dance Lessons

This Energetic and Vibrant Dance, Cajun/Zydeco is known for drawing a happy crowd, and our Cajun Zydeco Dance Lessons are no different. We’ll show how to bring the fun to the dance floor.

Country Western Dance Lessons

Fun and Easy to dance to, Country Western Dance goes well with social night outs, making a perfect dance for beginners.

We make it fun. And EASY!

Steps on Toes envisions a world in which dancing is natural to everyone.

Where people break into spontaneous dance with strangers whenever the music motivates them, inspired by street musicians or the musak in the aisles of grocery stores. Because when people have joy in their lives, they contribute more joy to the world.

Getting Married soon? Looking for Dance Lessons for that First Dance?

We custom design our wedding dance lessons so each individual, regardless of skill level can execute that First Dance with style.  NO MATTER what dancing level you are, we’ll give the confidence you need to successfully execute that First Dance on your wedding day.

We love turning ordinary folks into awesome Dancers!

Keri M

“We had a lovely time getting to know LaurieAnn during our first lesson.  It’s clear from the first 90 minutes of working with her she KNOWS her stuff…”

Keri MYelp
Cara C.

“LaurieAnn is one of the most brilliant and funny teachers we’ve ever had in and outside of dancing. It is clear that she is not only knowledgeable of the art of dance but also the psychology of dancing with a partner.”

Cara C.Yelp
Joy C.

“We had been planning on doing a swing dance for our wedding in the summer, and wanted to find someone local to teach us who had a flexible schedule. We sent Laurie Ann a YouTube video of a dance we liked to the music we wanted to use. Right off the bat, Laurie Ann gave us a lesson on the differences between lindy hop and the easier east coast swing, with detailed recommendations on how we should proceed in preparing for the dance.”

Joy C.Yelp
Stacy J.

“Dancing does not come easily to me and my fiance had almost zero experience. Laurie Ann not only taught us the dance moves, but explained the process from a mental point of view–how the brain learns. She gave us some great tips about practicing the dance steps in our heads to strengthen the brain when we weren’t physically dancing. She was also great at finding little shortcuts and manageable moves for us to play with to spice up the routine.”

Stacy J.Yelp