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Live Music or DJ for Dancing?

Unless you’re a dance DJ, you might say this is a no brainer.  Of course everyone prefers live music to dance to.  It’s not always the case, however.  I’ve been to dances where the live music was either awful or … Continue reading

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Aerials in Dance: Exceptions to the Rule

After writing a blog about not using air steps before you are proficient in dance, I was reminded of an exception to that rule when I came across a video of a first dance by a couple who had the … Continue reading

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More Outdoor Dance Events!

    Last week I blogged about New York’s wonderful Midsummer Night Swing rivaling our own Lindy in the Park in SF.  Now I’m writing about Seattle’s Dancing ‘Til Dusk.  Like NY, it encompasses many different styles of dance, and takes … Continue reading

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Two Outdoor Dances on Opposite sides of the Country

Here in San Francisco we are about to celebrate our 17th year of dancing outdoors in Golden Gate Park on Sunday mornings.  New Yorkers have us beat though.  They are celebrating 25 years of Midsummer Night Swing, a 3 week … Continue reading

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Using Aerials in Swing Dance

Whenever I get a new dance student, they often say “Swing, that’s the dance where they swing you up in the air, right?” The reason people equate air steps with swing dancing is because that’s what they see in the … Continue reading

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