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Perfect Dancing Classes for your Kid’s Happy Feet

Here is a guest post from Pamela Hudson in Runcon.  Next time you’re in England, check out her school if you have kids! Are you desirous of reaching out to after school activities for your kid? Consider their enrollment for dance … Continue reading

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How Long Does it Take to Learn to Dance?

I get asked this question by at least 70% of the people who ask me about dance lessons.  The truth is it’s impossible to answer because everyone learns at a different rate.  It might take one person an hour to … Continue reading

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Can You Dance with White Man’s Clapping Syndrome?

This post is about rhythm and dance as innate natural abilities and how they get lost in “civilized” societies.  Before I say anything else, I have to credit Jon Carroll for naming the syndrome in one of his columns.  I … Continue reading

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Your Brain on Dance

OK, I know not everyone is fascinated by brain science like I am, but are you just a little bit curious about what happens to your brain when you dance?  If so, take a peek at this enlightening little video. … Continue reading

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How to Know Which Dance is Right for You

In the Bay Area, where I am located, there is a rich partner dance scene with many choices.  This isn’t true everywhere, so the first step, of course, is to see what’s happening in your area.  You want to look … Continue reading

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