Dance Walk Guru Found! The End of the Story:

Ben finds his guru

Ben Aaron finds Joe, the Dance Walk Guru!

Dancing in Your Wildest Imagination

I can’t stop thinking about the Dance Walk Guru’s story. Can you image how it would feel to be so at peace with yourself that you choose to dance down the street with abandon for the pure joy of it, without a worry about what people might think of the spectacle you are making of yourself?

Joe’s Dance Going Viral

And then, imagine how it would feel to find out that, unbeknownst to yourself, you had inadvertently started a movement. What if you learned that a video of yourself had gone viral and inspired hundreds of people all over the world to join you in spirit as they dance joyfully down the streets of their own towns?

How to be a Hero

Yep, sometimes you can be a hero just by being yourself!  Enjoy the final chapter:

by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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