The Dance Walking Phenomenon


the lone nut dancing

Dancing alone, Ben Aaron is still a lone nut, but that is soon to change!

A Dance Movement After All!

Well it seems I spoke too soon when I qualified in my last post that Dance Walking was not really a movement but I hoped it would catch on. Apparently it has indeed become a movement and is gathering momentum all over the world as we speak. What fabulous news!

How To Start a Movement, Dance or Otherwise

I once saw a TED talk about creating a movement. It all starts with a lone nut who is couragous (or oblivious) enough to be willing to be somewhat outragous in public. He is then joined by a “first follower” who chooses to participate, just like our intrepid reporter joining the dance guru. This is such a perfect example, I’ve included a link to the TED talk if you’re interested, after the Dance Walking video. Here we go!

And for the curious among you, here’s the TED talk:

by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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