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Rhythm, Dance, and a Neurological Disorder

Can’t find the beat? I’ve written before about people who can’t find the beat to dance to, and I’ve given my best guesses as to the cause.  But today I heard about a new study of a rare neurological disorder … Continue reading

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More Thought on Fat Dancers

A great dancer to watch I’ve written before on the topic of fat dancers, but I realized I left out a glaring omission, especially since I talked about partner dance but used video examples of performance dance. Anyone in the west … Continue reading

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Why Boys Should Dance

I remember teaching a group of teenaged Lindy dancers who were sent to me from another dance teacher. They were advanced dancers who had outgrown their first teacher. When I asked for a follower with whom to demonstrate a new … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on How Dance Makes a Better World

Can Dancing Bridge a Gap Between Police and the Inner City? I live in Oakland where there are neighborhoods the police won’t even go to.  To say the least, there is a huge cultural gap between the inner city and … Continue reading

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