Following the Latest Fad for Your First Dance

You tube has changed the face of first dances for weddings. People post their dances for the world to see and it gives others ideas for their own dance. This can be a good thing, but not always. The latest … Continue reading

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How Dancing Can Be Used to Improve Soccer Skills

  I’ve noticed in my years as a swing dancer that soccer tops the list in sports that occupy Lindy Hoppers when they’re not dancing.  If you’re curious as to why that is, this may offer some insight into the … Continue reading

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A Bit of Swing Dance History in a Beer Ad!

I’ve blogged in the past about my appreciation for dance in advertising, and now along comes one of the best yet. I confess I don’t really get what this has to do with Guinness, but more power to them. It’s … Continue reading

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Best floors for Lindy Hop Slides!

Swing dancing has a wide range of styles because it’s a street dance, constantly changing with the creativity of the dancers.  Slides are tricky steps.  They’re not that common, due to the difficulty in executing them properly.  You’ll only see … Continue reading

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A Double Dose of Dance

A relatively new dance venue for the Swing crowd has opened in SF.  It’s in a Market Street bar called “Local Edition.   Only half a block from BART, it’s easy to get to from Oakland, and the music starts at … Continue reading

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