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an outdoor dance in Seattle

Seattle’s Outdoor Dance Event

Last week I blogged about New York’s wonderful Midsummer Night Swing rivaling our own Lindy in the Park in SF.  Now I’m writing about Seattle’s Dancing ‘Til Dusk.  Like NY, it encompasses many different styles of dance, and takes place over a specific time frame.  It’s longer than New York’s event, which is every night for 3 weeks.  Seattle covers Thursday evenings from July 11 to August 29, with 5 additional Tuesdays sprinkled into the mix.  It’s free, like Lindy in the Park, but has live music, like NY.  If you’re going to be in Seattle before the end of August, do check out this great event. Free drop in lessons are geared to give beginners a feel for the different dances.  A free opportunity to see what kind of dancing appeals to you.

By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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