Cajun and Zydeco Dance Lessons in Oakland, California.Cajun and Zydeco Dance Lessons

In Louisiana, these are separate dances, danced in separate communities. In the Bay Area, however, they are merged into a mix of the two styles. The music is energetic and happy, and the crowd is friendly.

Like Ballroom, several dances are included in the same evening. There is a Cajun Waltz, Cajun Two Step, Cajun Jig, Zydeco Two step, and Blues.

In California, the Zydeco Two Step and the Cajun Jig are often combined into one dance. Many people also do East or West Coast Swing as well, and all of these dances are danced regardless of whether the music is Cajun or Zydeco.

While the Louisiana Zydeco is a complex and challenging dance, the California version is much simpler and relatively easy to learn. This is a great dance scene for beginners to hone some partner dance skills.