Another Inner Child Dancing

Evian ad of inner child

Evian captures dancing inner child again!

I know, I know, I promised no more Evian dance blogs, but they’re just so beautifully done! When a company features dance as the ultimate expression of joy, they deserve to by honored in a dance blog. This one isn’t as much fun as the dancing babies, but it’s still beautifully animated and a ton of fun. And the message is still great: that inside all of us is a dancing younger version that is dying to break out. That all it takes is a sip of bottled water to release it is debatable, but I can’t argue with the premise. I believe there is a dancer inside everyone. I think many people squashed their inner dancer at some point during their youth in response to whatever trauma they suffered, but it’s still there. And what a great illustration of that idea in this ad.  If you missed the first two posts on this theme (especially if you haven’t seen the roller babies and dancing babies ads) you can find them here: and here you feel about bottled water, you can’t deny the artistry and fun employed herein:

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By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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