Dance Heals the Brain


Distonia sufferer dancer

Italian journalist Federico Bitti finds healing in dance

Dance as a cure

Dance has been used as a valuable tool to cure various brain disorders.  When we are passionate about something, often our brain skips over the part that’s not working right and focuses.  Music, when it is music we love, can have a healing effect of it’s own.  When music and passion and movement are combined, magic can happen.


It’s a miracle!

I’ve seen with my own eyes many times the miracle of elderly people who can barely walk, leaving their canes and walkers by the side of the dance floor as the music starts, returning to them after the dance is over.  Neurologist Oliver Sacks has written about music bringing patients out of comas and alzheimer’s patients have also been known to come back to themselves when they hear a familiar and beloved song.


My friend Zo DeMuro, a wellness coach who is magical in his own right, sent me this beautiful video of a man with a condition that I’d never heard of before now.  Nothing worked for him until a creative and open minded holistic practitioner realized that dance was the road to wellness for him.  The video speaks for itself!


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by LaurieAnn Lepoff
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