My Dance Vision in Action: Another Great Example!


If you’ve been to my website, you know know my vision statement has to do with people dancing spontaneously in inappropriate places.  Last week I wrote about hip hop crews on subways.  This week I want to bring your attention to a different kind of subway dancing.


Starting Dance Parties on Trains

In Australia, a country famous for oddball behavior, there’s a guy who goes around instigating random dance parties on trains.  He first makes a bold announcement that he’s going to start dancing and that anyone is welcome to join him.  He turns on some music and dances up and down the aisle.


The Party Gets Going

Pretty soon someone else who loves to dance jumps up and takes the opportunity to join him.  If I’d been there, that would have been me!  Some of you might have seen a TED talk about starting a movement.  It starts with a lone nut, who is eventually joined by a first follower.  Other people then feel they have permission to join in, and finally the rest of the crowd feels left out if they DON”T join in.   Although there are definitely people who who are happy to continue to sit and watch, you can see that dynamic in action here.  The guy comes across as a lone nut at first.  It’s kind of embarrassing to watch him, but his courage gets everyone into the spirit and a train car full of travelers spend their time joyfully dancing and interacting with one another instead of sitting in lone separation.  Watch this little miracle here!


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by LaurieAnn Lepoff
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