Yep! Another Great Use of Dancing in Advertising!

Sainsburys ad using dance

Sainsburys Dancing Dads dance in  thier Chirstmas Jumpers

I love it when advertisers use dance in creative ads.  I couldn’t get enough of the delightful Evian dancing baby ads and wrote about them, thinking it would be the last one when they’d come up with another that I just had to share.


Sainsbury’s is a British clothing store and I give high marks for this ad with the Dancing Dads.  For those of you who don’t know, “jumper” is Brit speak for sweater.  They claim this is an amatuer group, but I have my doubts.  Middle aged British men are no more famous for their dancing skills than their American counterparts, so it seems unlikely that there would be this much talent in a random group of school kid’s fathers.


Stranger things have happened, however, so I’d like to believe it’s true.  If so, these guys are really spreading holiday joy at this event and out to the rest of the world through this ad.  Kudos to them, and enjoy!


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by LaurieAnn Lepoff
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