Hello joint venture partner!

Here is your checklist of what you can do and say to get the most sign ups and make the most income:

  1. Keep a clipboard on the table where you do business and have the sign up sheet on it.

It will help you to remember to talk about it with each person, and the client will likely see it and be curious about it as well. 🙂

  1. Please make it part of your marketing to say to each bride something like this:
    1. Be sure to tell everybody before they even have a conversation with you – just for coming in and chatting with me today, you get this gift of a free dance lesson, as part of my thank you, for coming in.
  2. Once they are at your table/office you can say something pretty close to this:
    1. Just for coming in and chatting with me, you get a private dance lesson with one of the top teachers in the bay area! So just put your name, email, wedding date, and phone number here. Please write clearly, you’ll ONLY get contacted to schedule your free lesson. I know Laurie Ann well and I promise you she won’t contact you for any reason other than to schedule your free lesson.
    2. LaurieAnn’s amazing. She’s got 5 star reviews on yelp and an amazing track record with people who were sure they could never learn to dance. Everyone loves her, so I’m really lucky to be able to give some of these out right now as a gift. So you’ll want to grab one of these while I still have her blessing to be giving these as a gift to my patrons.

Please do your best to memorize the main points. It doesn’t have to be exact. I underlined the main points for you so you can see what are the most important things to remember.

It’s pretty simple, and won’t take very long, but you’ll likely want to practice a bit.

  1. At the end of every month, just scan the sign up sheet and send it to me.
  2. Also, please tell me how it goes and if you run into any snags or challenges and I can coach you on what to say and do in those situations. 🙂
  3. Here are some common concerns you might hear, and what you can say to assure them:

Q: We’re not getting married for a while, we’ll forget it if we take it too soon.
A: You don’t have to take the lesson now, but you’ll want to talk to LaurieAnn while I still have these lessons to give away. Just tell her when you’d like to have the lesson later, and she’ll work it out with you.

Q: My fiance is hopeless. He could never learn to dance.
A: Well, you’re in luck because LaurieAnn’s specialty is teaching people who haven’t been able to learn from anyone else. In fact, in over 3 decades she’s never encountered a student she couldn’t teach and every one of them has been delighted with their dance.

Q: We live too far away to drive to Oakland for a dance lesson.
A: LaurieAnn has had students who have driven over an hour each way because it was clear to them that she really was the only one who could teach them. It can’t hurt to talk to her, and if you still feel it’s too far, you are always free to opt out. I just want to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to even talk to her and get a free lesson.

Below, I’ve created a cheat sheet you can print out and keep at your table, so you have something to glance down at to remind you of what to say. Just copy these notes below onto a word document and print out.

Main Points:

Just for coming in and chatting with me, you get..

  • Name, email, wedding date, and phone number
  • Write clearly
  • She won’t contact you for any reason other than
  • LaurieAnn’s amazing
  • 5 star reviews on yelp
  • Amazing track record
  • Everyone loves her
  • I’m really lucky…


Q: We’re not getting married for a while.

  • Don’t have to take lesson now.
  • Get the free lesson while I can still give it.
  • Tell her you want the lesson later.

Q: Fiance hopeless dancer.

  • LaurieAnn’s specialty.
  • All of her students could learn.

Q:  Too far away.

  • Others found it worth it.
  • Can decide after conversation.

We’ll book follow up calls for the first few months while you’re getting the hang of it.

Here is your sign-up sheet:
14SO0922_signup_2 (1)