Rhumba is the slow romantic part of Latin dance.

It’s rhythm is Quick Quick Slow, like Salsa, but it’s slow and sensual. There are some moves common to both dances, but many that are unique to Rhumba because they are too slow for Salsa and too smooth for Cha Cha.

Sometimes the follower is just walking around in circles, but because of the slow steps, it has a completely different look and feel from Meringue. It’s as if the point of Rhumba is for the follower to show off her hips.

She can shine in a slow sensuous movement. The music is romantic and pretty. We do box steps in Rhumba, which are not usually done in Salsa, making it feel a little like a Latin Foxtrot. If you’re used to doing the box step in Foxtrot and Waltz, the transitions can be tricky because the box in Rhumba starts on the side step (quick), as opposed to the forward step (slow). Those transitions are (aside from the hips) usually the most challenging part for my students.