Some Swing Variations


There are 3 types of shag. Carolina Shag is a slow dance bearing no resemblance to the other two and I don’t offer that one.

Saint Louis Shag and Collegiate Shag are both fast dances with lots of kicks.

Danced by people in the lindy community to swing music, shag looks harder than it is. It’s energetic, great exercise, and lots of fun. Shag is hard on the body and easy on the brain.


Balboa, unlike shag, is easy on the body and hard on the brain.

It’s one of the more challenging dances and one of my favorites. You dance very close to your partner to very fast music but it’s not tiring and doesn’t take up much space. A fabulous dance for crowded clubs with fast music. It is also danced primarily in the lindy community, but if you have your own partner, you can take it anywhere.