Dancing and Sports

Red Sox celebrate a home run

Boston Red Sox and fans dance for joy in celebration

What do sports events have to do with dancing?  My friends know I don’t relate to sports at all, so they’ll be amused by this topic, but a wonderful video that’s showing up on social media got me to thinking.  Here’s the video of spontaneous celebratory dancing at a Detroit Pistons game:

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I’m not a total ignoramus when it comes to sports,( although it is true that I don’t know if the Pistons play baseball, football, or basketball.)  I actually attended a baseball game with my sister and brother in law earlier this year in DC and my sister informed me that I also attended one in early childhood, so I’ve been to a ballgame twice so far.  I trust her (she’s two years older) even though I have no memory of that first game.

So here’s the connection:  Sports events are the one part of American tradition where it’s permissible, even expected, to celebrate loudly and physically and with a strong sense of community.  People jump up and down and yell and hug each other.  I was in San Francisco when the Giants won the World Series, (which spell check informs me is Capitalized), and strangers were hugging one another in the streets.

In situations like this, pure, unadulterated joy is expressed.   Physical joy is naturally expressed through dance.  In this video, there is music and there is joy with a spirit of celebration, and that translates into spontaneous dance for a lot of people.

I was really looking forward to that part of the experience when I attended the game with my family, but the DC team chose that particular game to get royally trashed by the visiting LA Dodgers.  It is not permissible to dance with spontaneous joy when your team loses by a mile.  When in the company of my brother in law, the Nationals are your team.  And why not?  I have no loyalty to LA.  I thought the Dodgers were from Brooklyn.

This is a truly great thing about the great American pastime.  My vision is for a world where every celebration is gloriously expressed with a dance of joy.  If you missed it, this subject is covered without the sports angle in my recent post Celebrating your Dance Victories.  Now go out and celebrate, any way you can!

by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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