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What Throws Dance Students Off Their Game?

In a perfect world, dance lessons would be ten minutes long.  You’d go home and practice and then come back to learn the next step after you’ve mastered what came first.  In the real world, you work on the first … Continue reading

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Where Can We Go to Practice our First Dance?

If you are a single person, you have to go out to the community and practice with whoever is at the dance, but if you’re an engaged couple, or any couple, you have an advantage.  You can practice at home … Continue reading

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Wedding Dances: Too Many Choices!

make it meaningful!A father enjoys his dance with his daughter
Your first dance, your father/daughter dance, a mother/son dance. Which ones should we do? In what order do we do them?

“What is the proper tradition?” is a question I often hear about all of this. Lucky for you, the answer is that none of this is really traditional at all. The original tradition (I know this because I read Miss Manners) is simply for the couple to open the dance floor because it’s rude to start dancing before they do.
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