The Dance Walking Phenomenon


the lone nut dancing

Dancing alone, Ben Aaron is still a lone nut, but that is soon to change!

A Dance Movement After All!

Well it seems I spoke too soon when I qualified in my last post that Dance Walking was not really a movement but I hoped it would catch on. Apparently it has indeed become a movement and is gathering momentum all over the world as we speak. What fabulous news!

How To Start a Movement, Dance or Otherwise

I once saw a TED talk about creating a movement. It all starts with a lone nut who is couragous (or oblivious) enough to be willing to be somewhat outragous in public. He is then joined by a “first follower” who chooses to participate, just like our intrepid reporter joining the dance guru. This is such a perfect example, I’ve included a link to the TED talk if you’re interested, after the Dance Walking video. Here we go!

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And for the curious among you, here’s the TED talk:

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by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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Dance Walking: A New Craze (I Hope!)

Ben Aaron and his guru

Ben Aaron joins an anonymous dancer and a new craze is born!

How to start a dance craze

Well, OK, not exactly a craze yet, but I’d love to see this catch on.  The really amazing thing about it is that instead of avoiding a guy doing something weird in public, people are joining in.  Lots of them.  And it looks like the ones who aren’t are at least smiling are recording the fun.  I’d like to see if the same phenomenon would happen if the perpetrator was not a good looking and engaging young man, but I’ll take what I can get.  I’m grateful that he’s using his charms to this end. 

If you like to dance, try it yourself!

If any of you are out going and fearless enough to try this without the crowd, please let me know if you’re successful in engaging a crowd!  It reminded me of the procession following the memorial 5 years ago of Frankie Manning, the “Ambassador of Lindy Hop”.  The New Orleans jazz band that played at the memorial  led the congregation dancing behind them from the church to Central Park.  New Yorkers grinned at us and enjoyed the spectacle then too!

Prepare to be delighted!

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by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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