Dancing at the Blood Bank


blood bags at the bank

Does This Make You Want to Dance?

How fun to see my StepsOnToes dancing vision statement in action again. When you start looking for things, they sometimes start happening.

I have a rare blood type so I’m constantly being called upon to give it up every other month or so, which I’m happy to do. Today the sound system was tuned into classic Motown, music that’s guaranteed to get a lot of people moving in spite of themselves. I found myself squeezing my ball to the beat.

The technician working the next chair was using his foot to raise the chair, pumping it in time to the music, doing a little dance with his foot as he did so.  “I’m tall,” he explained to the donor in the chair, “so I have to pump it up all the way.” He was having so much fun that I half expected him to do a spin in between pumps. I thought of Fred Astaire making use of the blood props for a dance routine. I could see him spinning around the room, hitting the various chair lifts as he went, tossing bags of blood into the air and catching them without so much as tugging on the arms they were attached to.

You just never know where you’ll find people spontaneously expressing themselves to the music in their environments. This is a fine example of the world I’d love to see. Spontaneous dancing in every day life, people giving generously of their time to help strangers in need; does it get any better?

Here’s a clip of  Fred himself finding inspiration in everyday objects, including a hat rack and a metronome. Could anyone else make a musical instrument out of a metronome?  Fred Astaire was fifty two, by the way, when he made this.  The dancing, if you’re impatient, starts 35 seconds into the clip. Enjoy!


By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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