Who’s that Cow I’m Dancing With?



LaurieAnn with her pooka

“Before I met LaurieAnn, I had 4 left hooves!”

I met my dancing cow in a session with the fabulous hypnotherapist Christine Bartlett. I had just entered an airplane, stowed my luggage, and sat down. Sitting next to me was a six foot tall black and white Guernsey cow reading a newspaper. One of my father’s favorite movies being “Harvey” with Jimmy Stuart, I immediately recognized the cow as a pooka. Those of you who’ve seen the movie may recall Mr. Wilson (an attendant from the insane asylum) looking up the word in a dictionary and learning that a pooka is a mischievous Celtic animal spirit, “fond of rum pots, crack pots, and how are you Mr. Wilson?”

I was naturally quite honored to be befriended by a pooka, since they are reputed to be fond of pubs and I’m a total teetotaler. I’ve since learned that it is the rabbit pooka who likes to hang out in bars. Cow pookas, it seems, prefer dancers.

Christine suggested I have a formal portrait painted of me and The Old Cow Pooka, (as she introduced herself to me.) Christine also knew the movie and was referencing the famous scene in which Jimmy Stuart hangs a large oil painting of himself posing with Harvey (a six foot tall pink rabbit), and hangs it over the fire place. I called photo-shop maven Susan Lirov, presented her with a picture of me with one of my favorite dance partners, and asked her if she could turn Bill into a cow. Since pookas are invisible most of the time, this seemed like a good plan and The Old Cow Pooka was pleased with the result.

She doesn’t earn much from helping to advertise my business, so she accepted a gig for a milk commercial. She loves a challenge, so here she is in her challenge dance. Pretty impressive horns in her costume don’t you think?

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She also wanted you to know that, despite Susan’s otherwise excellent depiction of her, she does have a udder, so here she is again showing off her impressive tap dance skills. In her invisible guise, she swing dances with me, but she only shows up for tap.

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So if you want to attract a cow pooka, learn to dance. No guarantees (they have to like you, too) but well worth the effort to give it a try.  All pookas love fun loving people.  But even if you don’t meet a pooka, you’ll still have dance. You can’t go wrong!

By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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