Lindy Hop Versus West Coast Swing


west coast, not lindy

What West Coast Swing dancing looks like

What’s the difference between West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop?  It’s mostly stylistic.  West Coast (the state dance of California, by the way) is usually danced to contemporary rhythm and blues, is danced in a slot, and has a slick, sophisticated, sexy look.  Lindy has a wild and crazy quality, takes up space in all directions, has WAY less dignity and a kind of “who cares how stupid I look, I’m just having fun!” attitude.  Both are jazz dances, which means that even though the dance is lead, there is room for individual creativity on the part of both the lead and the follow.  This clip shows a couple doing first West Coast and then Lindy.  This clip, by the way, is from a Jack and Jill contest, which means partners are drawn at random.  This couple does not usually dance together and none of this is choreographed.  Can you see the difference in style?

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By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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