Lindy in Ho Chi Minh Park

Ho Chi Minh Park

Ho Chi Minh Park without the dancers

Out Door Dancing Around the World

For the past 16 years I’ve been spending my Sundays dancing Lindy Hop in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Ours was the first regular outdoor Lindy event , and over the years many other versions have popped up in other parts of the county and around the world.

I recently read an article from a visitor to Viet Nam who was expecting to find a park full of people doing Tai Chi or some kind of Chi Gung exercise. Instead he was greeted by a crowd of elderly women dancing Lindy Hop and Country Line Dances to American music.

The International Language of Dance

I have mentioned before how dance is the international language and there is no better ambassador than Lindy Hop. It’s a particularly joyful dance and the music is infectious. This is the first I’ve heard of Viet Nam’s version and I’m so delighted to hear of it.

For the full story, check out Jeff Greenfield’s interesting article in the Daily Beast.
And if you dance Lindy Hop somewhere else, think of starting your own Lindy in the Park.

If you dance locally, check out the original! Here’s the official Lindy in the Park website.
By LaurieAnn Lepoff
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