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Do Animals Have Rhythm? Another Look at Musical Animals

  I’ve written on this subject before, the answer being that some animals really do dance in response to music (birds) and others are simply trained to go through the motions (dogs). Whenever I see a new example of musical … Continue reading

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And ANOTHER Use of Dance for the Public Safety

  I think this might be my favorite example yet of using dance to save people from themselves.  In the spirit of using fun to get people to change negative behavior, (and what can be more fun than dancing?) the … Continue reading

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Dancing In Inappropriate Places

Dancing makes people smile.  My vision statement has to do with a world in which people break into spontaneous dance in unexpected places and occasionally I like to blog about occasions where that happens already. Great examples of inappropriate dance … Continue reading

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Acknowledging Your Dance Partner

On my way to a dance last week in bumper to bumper traffic, I stopped to let a car change lanes in front of me.  It was stuck in a left turn lane and evidently had been having considerable trouble … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Dancers Show Us How to Have Fun

To Dance With Abandon! On the heels of my Dance Walking posts, I couldn’t resist commenting on this wonderful video. People with Down Syndrome can teach us a lot about dancing with abandon. Dance: The Embodiment of Joy I’ve said … Continue reading

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