Acrobatic Dance, and Safety



chinese dancers

a performance of exceptional skill and grace

Not all acrobats are dancers and certainly most dancers are not acrobats. When the two are combined with consummate skill, the results are breathtaking. One of the things I appreciate about the Chinese is that they are all about the thrill of the performance, as opposed to the thrill of the risk. Chinese acrobats do not perform without a net. The danger is not the point. The two extra brawny men who join the act towards the end are spotters. They have no role in the show other than to ensure the safety of the dancer in case she falls. We are unlikely to see such a thing in an American act where audiences thrill in watching performers risk their lives. I’ve always loved the circus, but never saw the point in expecting the performers to take unnecessary risks as if that somehow makes for a better show. In case of an accident, I’d like to see these wonderful dancers survive to astonish more audiences with their grace and power. Enjoy!

By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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