Why do You Want to Learn to Dance?

Why do you want to take dance lessons? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you start.  I know people who just walked into a studio and signed up for the first class they saw and wound up feeling so discouraged that they never danced again.  They didn’t know that they had inadvertently chosen one of the most challenging dances in existence. They never took stock of what they really wanted.  They just wanted to learn to dance.  Any dance would do to start, so they thought.

Not everyone wants to make going out dancing a regular part of their lives.  I’ve had students who wanted to dance together romantically in their kitchen and nowhere else.  Some people want to be able to say yes when someone asks them to dance at a wedding.  Some have a special event in mind, like a New Year’s Eve event or their wedding.  Some want to meet a potential romantic partner or please the one they already have.  Others have friends who dance and they want to be able to join them at private parties or when they go to clubs.

The vast majority of people who know little if anything about social dance think they should start with Ballroom.  There seems to be a prevalent myth that ballroom is basic and everything else is built from a ballroom foundation.  The truth is that Ballroom is only one genre and there are many other choices that might be way more appropriate for your lifestyle and needs.

Once you’ve answered this question and are clear about your motivation, check out my Sept 13 post, “How to Know Which Dance is Right for You”  http://www.stepsontoes.com/2013/09/how-to-know-which-dance-is-right-for-you/ to to move on to the next step!

by LaurieAnn Lepoff

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  1. Pamela Hudson
    Pamela Hudson says:

    Dance is hard I’m sure we all agree on that. The hard long hours, pain , sweat , and tears are all apart of it. Though I believe there is no better feeling than coming out of class or off stage and knowing you left your heart out there.
    A lot of people always ask, “Why do you like to dance?” Some people say because I lose weight and dance is very fun. Don’t get me wrong, dancing is still fun, but its more to it then just fun, because a lot of people say dancing is fun but they really don’t have a reason to why they dance. I also love dance because it makes me feel happy and I feel energized when I dance.

  2. laurieann
    laurieann says:

    Spoken like a proffessional dancer, Pamela! People learning social dance for fun usually don’t put in long hard hours or experience pain (but maybe sweat and occasional tears!). You get what you put into it. Proffessional dancers are either passionate about what they do or they live a life of misery. Social dancers get as good as they get for the time they choose to devote to it and usually have fun at whatever level they land at.


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