Dancers Extraordinaire: The Nicholas Brothers

Many people believe the Nicholas Brothers to be the greatest tap dancers who ever lived. Self taught, they started as children. Although the act was Fayard’s idea, and he engaged his brother into the project, they were also fortunate to have a very supportive father whose excellent advice they were smart enough to take.

This is my favorite Nicolas Brothers clip, from the great classic “Stormy Weather”.   I once had the honor of having dinner with Fayard Nicolas who I knew briefly in his eighty’s. “Are you a tap dancer?” he asked me. “No,” I confessed, “I’m a Lindy Hopper. But I know plenty of people who’ll be impressed when I tell them I had dinner with Fayard Nicolas!” I take my bragging rights where I can find them.  His brother Howard was already dead by the time I met Fayard.  A stroke survivor, he was wheelchair bound, but he still had those amazingly graceful hands.  Notice how the brothers use their hands in this amazing clip.

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By LaurieAnn Lepoff

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